I fell in love with Azawakh at first impression at time when Azawakhs were included together with another breed under shared name Sloughi.

I could not afford having a dog for a very long time till I decided that the right time came. Sudden impulse appeared and I bought a female Bobtail- Old English Sheepdog. In turn 3 female have changed at our place.The last one who is still living with us – Hot Chocolate Modrý kaňon – carried of titles ChCz, ChPl and met the condition for title ICh.

Only 5 years ago I fulfilled my old dream and bought first Azawakh – Na’Ema Uroboros. After 2 years a female Al-Hara’s Wema came next. She has two owners- me and my daughter in law Jana Somogyi with a maiden name Jana Hájková.

Beauty and perfectness of Azawakhs for sure compensate their distant character.

Care of dogs supports my work as a veterinarian where I employ most time in large animals and I also have a small ambulance station for pets.